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***  R O O D S  &  R E E D S     p e r     W H A T S A P P   ***

Ihr wollt per Whatsapp über Konzerte in eurer Region auf dem Laufenden bleiben?

Kein Problem, klickt auf folgenden Button und tretet direkt der "Roods &Reeds-Whatsapp-Gäng" bei! Schreibt uns danach eine Nachricht mit eurem Namen und eurer Postleitzahl (so stellt ihr sicher, dass ihr nur Nachrichten über Konzerte in eurer Region erhaltet)!

You would like to get informed about concerts in your region via Whatsapp? Join the "Roods & Reeds-Whatsapp-Gäng" directly by using the button below! Having done that, write us one message including your name and postal code (by doing that you only will get messages with gig infos in your specific region)!

Selbstverständlich könnt ihr jederzeit über "Menü/Mehr/Gruppe verlassen" aus der Gruppe wieder austreten!

You can exit the group any time via "menue/more/exit group"!

The Story To The Name...

"Roods" and "reeds" are preindustrial tools used by tailors and weavers. Both terms appear in a traditional English folk song that is in our repertoire. The oldfashioned "rood" was something like a yardstick to measure cloth etc. and only by using a "reed" repetitively, the woven material created by weavers became strong and durable.


We'd like to thank the photographers who've taken those nice pictures of us:

Please visit Karen Henschen, Anne Oschatz, Matthias von Schramm and Till F. E. Haupt on their websites to discover more of their fantastic work!